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A soul in pain! It is three months that I am thinking: I buy motorcycles, I sell motorcycles, change motorcycles, throw motorcycles, make announcements, make announcements, take another, then give up (even in rhyme, what a poet!)

Oh well, the last thought gained inside the helmet, between a mule track and the row of traffic lights to go home was that:

  1. I have to lighten the garage before he lightens my current account.
  2. a bike that does everything does not exist (Monsieur de Lapalisse nods).
  3. all we needed was for them to pick up off-road scrubs.

In short, I have a Ducati Scrambler DS that is pretty dying, it’s comfortable, okay, it’s great dual fun on asphalt and dirt roads, and with a bit of a job, it’s also suitable for more challenging dirt roads. Except that I have very little work, the weight is considerable, the tires are a compromise that as such compromise the driving in the case of stones or mud (now Lapalisse looks like one of those little dogs on the back windows of the old cars), often I find myself horizontally and just bend a lever that is bitter tears. Which is why I took an old glorious Honda XLthat if I hit the woods in the woods I cry a little less, and I rubbed them with the excellent Anlas Capra X that they consume when I look at them but when it comes to biting they bite it’s a pleasure and they often get you out of trouble . The flip side of the coin is that age and mileage are included in the milf category by right , some ailment inevitably has it, and even if, as is well known, certain malate with milf are better than with the teen, when it happens that the off-road instead of behind the house I have a few hundred miles, I start traveling not really light-heartedly.

Oh yes? And which one for example? Certainly not a super enduro of 250 kg, nor a specialist offroad with the use measurable in hours instead of km. Um, let’s see. Days ago I found myself parked under the house a (beautiful) KTM 690 Enduro, I stalked the owner to try it, and I discovered that instead of the saddle has a skimpy ironing board that would make the happiness of a fakir masochist, but above all I who I am a long brush (and Fischer Fischer is said in my part) I barely touched the tips of my toes on the ground. That is, the good ones get up on the platforms, hammer gas and on, but to get out of the ditches I have to scamper like a treeline the first time by bike.

Same thing or almost for the new Yamaha 700, which moreover puts me almost in awe, as well as I know that the Suzuki DrBig will take me next venture.

It would take a 150 kg single-cylinder to dry and 150 km / h top speed, 18 “- 21” wheels, cheap, without many electronic frills, why not also air cooled, which is reliable and with a comfortable seat, and with a small luggage rack on which to mount a case for a couple of towels and costumes, or to tie a bag with some tools and the anti-puncture kit. Except that, who knows why, bikes like that don’t make them anymore, but I think they would sell them, something like, I know, one of those old endur … today! But I already have it!

And then almost … bye bye Scrambler (very few km, very good condition, any test) and I rejuvenate the milfHonda with a nice facelift: single shock absorber, distribution, steering bearings, transmission, brakes, Marving exhaust lighter and without rust, a pair of more rims to mount other tires on, and here is the perfect dual! At the bottom with a Tener√©, we arrived at the North Cape.

I hear you: “Don’t fuck up like these bikes are used for two pounds”. Boh, it will be, it is true that I have run away from under the nose a short time ago, but I do not find all this abundance of quality/price around, and then I have become attached to this. But above all, when I make it in front of an obstacle, I can always ringambare using the excuse that it’s the bike’s fault.

De Lapalisse continues to shake his head, no longer up and down but here and there. Quiet monsieur, so much tomorrow I have already come up with some other crazy idea.

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