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You know, even the eye wants its part, and a freshly cleaned motorcycle does (and makes its owner do) a decidedly better figure than a motorbike covered in dust, gnats, and remnants of a thousand trips (or nights at bivouac). And in short, even without being a cleaning Taliban it is always a pleasure to take care of your vehicle, wash it and protect it, and finally look at it in all its glory. If you are nodding, Prodreamhas the right product for you. And we have tested it.

It is a liquid protective film, suitable for plastic, aluminum, painted metal, glass, which is a practical and fast way allows cleaning to revive and protect all the surfaces of the bike. In the package, there is a 300 ml spray gun and two cloths, the different use of which is important for the correct use of the product. In addition, of course, the instructions for use.

Instructions for correct use

When the bike is dry, the liquid is sprayed onto even dirty surfaces (however, be careful of any traces of mud, or heavy flies, or pigeon droppings, those must be removed first) and after having left it to work for a few seconds, clean it all with a textured cloth wide. After this, the second cloth is rubbed in order to evenly spread the film that has formed. This will ensure that a protective layer is created that will prevent the subsequent catching up of the dirt, which will resist UV rays and prevent the opacification and decay of the colors, and that will make the treated surfaces brilliant, be they dashboards, fairings, domes, or even exhausts (it is heat resistant).

In some particularly difficult cases we have previously given a rinse to the bike, so once it was dry we spread the protective film. In any case, the result is truly remarkable, the colors come back alive and bright, the carbon fiber parts regain an unexpected luster, the surfaces are beautiful even to the touch, even the mirrors return very clear, and now besides being shiny and shining like only certain floors of certain homes of certain aunts, our bike has also acquired a fresh, pleasant, but not excessive fragrance to arouse suspicion to wives and girlfriends once they return from the ride with friends.

Respect for the environment

There is also another aspect to consider: the Prodream liquid protective film is eco-compatible, its formula includes exclusively vegetable components, does not contain chemical agents, the possibility of washing the bike without using water saves on consumption, and is biodegradable at 95%. So all the Greta in the world will be happier.

Not just motorcycles

Dulcis in Fundo we also tried to clean the helmets, and the result was amazing. Polished shell with a surprising lens effect, transparent visors like never before (but the instructions recommend not using the product to clean the inside ), and while we were there we treated the padding with another special Prodream product, the antibacterial chamomile sanitizer. The helmet is back as new, inside and out, and damn, I just sold one for the wrong size, if I had discovered Prodream before, I would have certainly got a better price.

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