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Joined by the common passion for the Bolognese brand and in particular for the iconic Ducati Scrambler, and thanks to the by now consolidated experience in proposing laps and rallies (the last one last month on the Garda, now in its fourth edition), the forum staff scrambleranti organizes a SUMMER FEST for June 22, 2019 , in close collaboration with the Ducati Factory Store.

Lovers of the highly successful Ducati Scrambler (but not only), starting from the single-cylinder progenitor with conical pairs up to the current various versions from 400 to 1100 cc, will meet in Borgo Panigale at the Ducati Factory Store, where they will be welcomed with coffee and hot croissants. Then whoever wants to can cross the street to visit, obviously accompanied by a guide, the fantastic Ducati Museum , one of those places where a passionate motorcyclist has to go at least once in his life (who writes, in front of Mike Hailwood’s 900 TT1 he was seized by a kind of Stendhal’s syndrome as not even before the Supper of Emmaus by Caravaggio).

So there is a tour in the Bologna hills, or rather two, one of which is also in offroad, guided by the Ducati dozers, and it will be possible to carry them out on your own motorcycle, or, listen, with one of the Desert Sled made available by the House. Departure and arrival in the square of the Factory Store, not coincidentally adjacent to the America Graffiti restaurant where motorcyclists can enjoy a mixed grill at lunchtime, the only thing, in addition to gasoline, that everyone will have to pay. Yeah, because everything else is free!

Over here? No way! Not only will participants be able to take advantage of special discounts on all accessories and clothing, but there will also be a contest for the more original Ducati Scrambler, and it will be interesting to see if those who gave vent to their imagination or who succeeded in the prize will be rewarded very difficult intent to keep the bike as it left the factory.

It should be emphasized that the Summer Fest is organized by DOC ducatisti, but obviously, the event is open to everyone, with any type of bike, indeed it will be the occasion to carry out test rides on the Ducati 2019 range, including E-bikes.

IMPORTANT: no deposit is required to participate, but to take advantage of the full program it is essential to be registered in the scrambleranti forum,, and fill out the participation form (visible only to those registered) in which to specify if interested in visiting the museum, in the Desert Sled Experience, and possibly an alternative vegetarian menu.

Appointment Saturday 22 June at 9 at Ducati Factory Store in via A. Cavalieri Ducati 74/6 in Borgo Panigale (BO)

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