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That it is an event that will achieve the hoped-for success is demonstrated by the fact that the following morning, when we had to prepare ourselves to leave for home, to fix the little baggage we had and load it onto the bike, we took a geological era. Not to mention how we lingered at the breakfast tables, with pats on the back, exchanges of contacts and extended greetings, in short, one of those moments that you try to extend to the maximum for the regret that is ending, like when at the end of summer we greeted the blonde who had delighted us with the holiday. Yes, like all the events created by the staff of Daniele Alessandrini with his Motolampeggio moto club, also the 1000 Sassiin addition to promoting beautiful motorbike tours to discover often unknown territories, it aims to give birth to a beautiful spirit of friendship among motorcyclists.

The spirit

The off-road adventuring is a specialty that is increasingly taking place among enthusiasts, where the asphalt ends there is a whole world to explore , the market seems dominated by apparently absurd motorbikes like the “super enduro” which, however, almost unexpectedly turn out to be agile and drivable even in the midst of stones and dust (oh well, with a minimum of experience), so much so that they are now taken as a yardstick to establish the feasibility or otherwise of certain off-road routes. We, for example, when we read “also suitable for twin-cylinder enduros”, we immediately send the request for registration, of the series “if they can do it maybe we can do it for us too”.


And in fact, at this zero edition of the 1000 Sassi, we presented ourselves with nothing but… with a Honda XL 600, single-cylinder air with the years of Christ and a mileage equal to twice the equator’s lap. A demonstration of the fact that if in a day of free practice at Mugello it is practically obligatory to present yourself with a super sports car, in these events where performance does not count but the spirit of adventure it is possible to participate with any type of tool that has two wheels and an engine.

And the people

And in fact, at the departure to Figline Valdarno, the variety of means was remarkable. Next to our elderly but still pleasing milf (who, open parenthesis, it is not clear why similar motorcycles don’t do it anymore, listen to you about marketing, closed parentheses) there were the omnipresent bicycles wider than long along with some enduro specialists where the main concern of the pilot was refueling (he said exactly that). And also that sort of scoot … of motion … boh, that strange contraption – very pianissimo! – which is the X-ADV Honda, next to that other strange cheese slice that is the Yamaha Tricker.

And above all among the participants there was her: the Donnainsella par excellence, shy and reserved , refractory to selfies and always fleeing from the photographer, she who legend has it that in the tool kit she didn’t even bring a screwdriver but only a complete line of eyeliner , Laura “Coca” Cola (I know it is a life that you make a joke, but to keep certain rhythms something you have to take by force), who does not pay to be just returned from the Gibraltar Race wanted to complicate their lives and presented riding a motorbike by the name of an Ikea furniture (and with similar driveability I guess), as I did on some dirt roads only you know.

The idol in equal terms Pietro “Pedro” Zaccaria, a passionate fan of the propeller, or of the helicopter seen how he made the gigantic GS Adventure fly, but above all smiling happy and enthusiastic to be there that in comparison Pinocchio in the Land of the Balocchi seemed a bored clerk of the Land Registry.

The white roads of Tuscany

The path of this zero edition of the 1000 Sassi developed over 280 km between Figline Valdarno and Massa Marittima, mostly on dirt roads open to traffic, but with the addition of some clever sprinkling of chili here and there. Traced with the usual skill by my friend Kiddo, a deep connoisseur of places, and supplied in a paper roadbook and GPS file version , he crossed the reserves of the Alto Merse, of Belagaio, part of the Via Francigena, taking us from the Chianti hills to Maremma, among the usual postcard views only partially obscured by the concern for black angry clouds that at one point made us fear universal floods but instead at the end they discharged little water, not even enough to keep the dust down. On the other hand, having inserted the waterproof membrane under a jacket and trousers, once the sun came out again – in July, not really pale – we found ourselves still soaked. Of sweat. We, motorcyclists, are never happy, I know.


In the end, however, a bit of tiredness but a lot of happiness and satisfaction for the places crossed, for the impeccable organization, for the splendid locations that hosted us, for the historic squares that welcomed us. Everything went smoothly, just a few bikes resting on the ground due to fatigue at the end of the lap or due to incorrect evaluation of the lateral crutch even before leaving, a slightly swollen ankle, a punctured rubber + a broken clutch line (the Kiddo must have done some rudeness) to fate), and a Fischer who slipped into a pit as stupid as it was sneaky to get out of which he had to wait for his snack companion’s back (thanks Luca).

For all the rest the organizational machine worked very well, the accommodation in the hotels, the luggage transport, the ambulance ( a 4 x 4 vehicle able to reach any point of the route), the doctors, the photographers, nothing was left to the case, and they are all things that make the difference and that we will find again in the next editions open to all, where indeed, probably the participants will be equipped with a geolocalized to increase even more the level of security, and where, weather permitting, they will be able to dine at in the most beautiful squares in Italy .

Suggestions to the organizers

Since this is a zero edition presentation, this 1000 Sassi envisaged a single stage of the three that will be scheduled next year along a triangle path Figline – Massa Marittima – Volterra – Figline. And as said it was 280 km, “normal” mileage for a passionate motorcyclist, but according to many an excessive hair considering the additional effort to cover so many off-road vehicles, to multiply the effort for three days , but above all thinking of the desired will of the organizers to bring this world to all those who want to put on a pair of boots and try their hand at tackling tires in off-road tourism without anxiety and lots of fun. According to us with the limiting of a few tens of km, perhaps foreseeing the possibility of a couple of strategic cuts for the use and consumption of those possibly in debt of oxygen, would be perfect.

And to the participants

A small note goes to the participants: without prejudice to the non-competitive spirit and the preponderant desire to be together, we have noticed that in these events groups are often formed spontaneously in which one who knows the way acts as pack leader and the others follow him. Now, in addition to studying it meter by meter, those who have traced the path have made a bunch of them so as to draw up the roadbook or the GPSisack that are then provided. It would be good and right for everyone to organize themselves with the appropriate technological tools to be able to follow the track even independently, certainly not in the name of each insane for himself and God for everyone , as well as to be able to better manage each its own strength with its own times, so that we can rejoin the group even after stopping to pee, or take some pictures or contemplate the views.

What is more, they are fantastic and we can’t wait to participate in the real first edition of the 1000 Sassi 2020.

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