Got Influence? Then You've Got Narrative

Welcome to the new Strategic Narrative platform for ideas exchange. I am delighted to be editor of this forum. I say “editor” and “platform for idea exchange” because mine will not be the dominant voice here and we will not […]
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SNAP Guide No. 1: How to Generate a Strategic Narrative in 5 Steps
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About Strategic Narrative

Strategic Narrative helps organizations adapt and optimize in dynamic environments Complex and changing circumstances demand that leaders promote new realities, aspirations and objectives, without losing the important rudder of the past.  Strategic narratives are a fundamental tool in performing this task […]
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Organizations—like people—gain confidence and purpose when they know their own story—who they are, where they came from, and where they are going next. Strategic Narrative assists organizations in the midst of change develop new stories that fuse the past with an uncharted future, helping all stakeholders shift course gracefully.
Shape behavior
Think holistically
Respect history
Appreciate context
Tell a story
Enlist collective values
Generate analogies
Invite audience engagement
Catalyze understanding
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Strategic Narrative offers the following services:

Public Speaking, Keynotes, Panels
Advisory Services and Special Projects
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Speaking & Events

Amy published and speaks frequently, in the United States and abroad:

April 7, 2015
Organization: Decision-Making Support Center at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
March 1, - 2, 2015
Organization: Turkish Futurists Association
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
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